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Health Department has found same repeated violations at Mr. Yen's

Published On: Feb 12 2014 04:34:58 PM CST   Updated On: Feb 12 2014 05:09:39 PM CST

Mr. Yen's, a popular restaurant in Springfield, was closed on Tuesday because of cockroaches, dishwasher violations, water damage, and food storage issues.

Springfield-Greene County Health Department inspectors visited restaurant the to address a complaint received on Monday and to conduct a compliance check.  They found several violations that initiated a re-inspection in relation to a routine inspection conducted last Dec. 31.

Here is what inspectors wrote as the reason for the closure.

Critical Violations Found: 6

  • Observed cook smoking in kitchen when we entered the kitchen. Smoking is not allowed. (Repeat violation.)
  • Observed several live and numerous dead cockroaches through out kitchen. Must use pest control to minimize the presence of roaches. (Repeat violation.)
  • Observed raw chicken stored over shrimp in back walk-in cooler and raw chicken stored over cooked chicken in front walk-in cooler.
  • Observed no sanitizer in dish machine while dish machine was in use. Must have a chlorine of 50 - 100ppm. (Repeat violation.)
  • Observed food debris and a dead roach in mixer bowl, must be cleaned between uses.
  • Chicken held at 108ºF to 116ºF on rack at room temperature. Must be held at 41ºF or below or at 135ºF or above or use proper cooling methods if cooling.

Noncritical Violations Found: 8

  • Observed scoops in bulk food items not clean, must be cleaned at a frequency to prevent the accumulation of food residue.
  • Utensils stored in standing water, must stored in a manner in accordance with food code.
  • No paper towels at hand sinks.
  • Storing food on cloth napkins and covered with cloth napkins. Linens may not be used in contact with food.
  • Using single serve items as scoops for bulk food items.
  • Improperly thawing sausage at room temperature on table top, must thaw by method in accordance with food code.
  • Floors, walls, and equipment not clean. Must clean at a frequency to prevent the accumulation of dust, dirt and food residue.
  • Observed uncovered food in coolers, must be covered to prevent contamination.